Scott Schreiner

Baritone - Tenor



Years in VL:

Springville, Utah


2017 - Present

Scott is a senior at UVU studying Marketing. Currently he works as a Neuromarketing Technician at UVU's very own SMARTLab. If you ever want your brain scanned hit him up! VoiceLine has been Scott's first-ever experience performing onstage. It has been quite a ride for him, and he has loved every minute of it.

One of the more vertically gifted members of VoiceLine, Scott stands at an astonishing height of 6'7"! Along with spending time with family and friends Scott also loves, country music, pizza, board games, road trips, superheroes, and going to the movies by himself (also open to the company of a good woman). It has also been said that he gives the warmest hugs ever!