Phil Childs


Queens, New York


2016 - Present



Years in VL:

Phil has been in VoiceLine for 3 years now and has loved every minute of it. Phil Childs hails, most recently, from Terre Haute, IN, but was born and lived a portion of his childhood in New York City. Phil has been singing even before he could walk, according to his mom. Music has been a big part of his life, from listening to performing, and on occasion writing it. Phil has performed in a variety of settings from musical theatre to soloing with choirs and orchestras both in Utah and Indiana. Phil has had the opportunity to sing with well know Utah artist Michael R. Hicks and Roger Hoffman, where he was able to be featured on Rogers most recent CD and was invited by Michael to sing with him on several occasions.  

Phil has lived in Utah for almost 6 years now. He works at Telos Residential Treatment Center., which is a facility for troubled teen boys who struggle with a variety of processing deficits, mood disorders, and social anxieties. He thoroughly enjoys the work he does there and looks forward to one day being a therapist for troubled teens and families.