Steve Koplin

Creative Director

Steve is a Utah native with dreams of the Big Apple! Ever since he was a child Steve was out to entertain. He grew up loving the arts - singing, dancing, and acting. He was in many stage plays and musicals growing up and was a founding member of a boy band called Frequency back in 2000-2003. It was that experience that has driven him to continually find professional performing outlets. 

Steve met one of his closest friends in Frequency, McKay Crockett. After Frequency, McKay went on to be in BYU Vocal Point and was a member of VP when they were on The Song-Off in 2011. When McKay returned from his experience on The Sing-Off, he approached Steve about starting an a cappella summer camp for kids. Steve immediately latched onto the idea and ReMix Vocal Academy was born. ReMix was a huge success it's first year and has since become an official summer camp at BYU.

After the initial success of ReMix, Steve had an intense desire to start his own a cappella group at UVU. He found out that there was another student on campus that had the same desire. Steve met Josh Olsen and together they talked about what their ideas for a group on campus would be. The two shared the same vision and hopes for a group and they decided to team up together to create VoiceLine. With the help of Faculty Advisor and Vocal Director, Connie Jensen, the rest is, as they say, history.


The year after VoiceLine was founded, Steve and Mckay were hired to co-direct the Covey Center Vocal Program at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo. They direct a group of high school students in the art of a cappella and it's the first high school group in the country to be created without any ties to any high school. The group has toured California and will be going on a tour to Florida in the summer of 2016.

Steve is passionate about all things artistic and entertaining. He's currently attending UVU studying Commercial Music. Steve is a freelance audio / video professional and has done work all over Utah. One of his favorite jobs was working on the red carpets of the Sundance Film Festival a couple years ago (Nicole Kidman is just as flawless in person - and even taller).

Steve is incredibly proud to be a member and director of VoiceLine and is excited to see what the future has in store for the group!