Anyone! That's right, come as you are and show us what you've got!


Prepare two 30 second solos in contemporary

styles - please avoid Musical Theater, Classical and Rap.


Dec 2nd - Dec 23rd

We will be accepting video submissions until Dec 23rd. @11:59pm.


From the comfort of your apartment, bedroom or on your front lawn!



So you’d like to join the crazy world of VoiceLine? Aca-awesome! We’re always on the lookout for new and vibrant voices and personalities. We hold auditions at the end of Spring Semester each academic year.


So what do you need to do for us? Our audition process is back to two this year with a twist. As we can still only have a certain amount of people in a room on campus at a time we will be doing callbacks in two sections. The first section will be Monday from 4:30p to 6:30p. The second will be on Wednesday following auditions. You will be split into one of those days. For those on the first day you may be invited to join the second day as well so please plan accordingly as this will help us know if your voice fits with others auditioning for the group. For the initial audition, you will submit a video to, of two 30 second contemporary solo selections of your choice (preferably in contrasting tempos), where you can rock out all you want.With the format the way it is you can do as many takes as you need to get the best one!

If you are then called back, you’ll be joined by the Creative Director and his Administrative Assistant, as well as everyone else we’ve called back. We’ll then pretty much go through a mock rehearsal, learning music, and then have you sing in small groups with current members and/or other auditionees. If you are a vocal percussionist (beat boxer), this is also your time to show us your stuff. Then, once our Directors make the final decisions, we’ll let you know if you’re joining us for a year of insanity and hard work, but most of all, great music and tons of fun!


Audition Tips:


*Project! We can’t call you back if we can’t hear you because you were singing too softly. Besides, we sometimes perform without microphones, so making sure you can be heard is important. Don’t be afraid of making little mistakes (especially during callbacks) either.

*Choose audition songs that fit YOU. Make sure they're in your range so you’ll sound great on them. Add personality to them and have fun! This is your chance to really show us what you’re made of. Whether they're hard and fast alternative-rock songs, mellow ballads, or jazzy riffs, make sure your personality comes through. While we don’t require that you sing a specific song, it’ll help us more if you sing songs we know, so we’re not left second-guessing whether you sang them well or not. If you sing something we don’t know, we may ask you to sing a song determined by us. Please avoid musical theater, opera, and rap. We sing a wide variety of music, but showing us that you can out-rap Eminem or hit those high A’s better than Sarah Brightman gives us no clue if you can belt it out like Mariah or croon like John Legend.


*Above all, and especially during callbacks, BE YOURSELF! We look as much for personality as we do for talent. Relax and have fun. Tense-ness doesn’t lend itself to great singing.





When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals will be in the afternoon / evening. Times and dates will be determined once the group is formed for the year. 


I'm a vocal percussionist/beat boxer, what should I prepare?

We would love to hear you give us a short, 30 second demonstration of your vocal percussion/beat boxing skills (show us what you've got)! However, while tricks are impressive, we will still need to know that you’ll be able to keep a steady, simple beat as well, so you may be asked to demonstrate your ability to show grooves from different styles and genres (rock, jazz, pop, etc.) You will also need to prepare two 30 second singing solos in the style of your choice, please avoid musical theater, opera, and rap. 


What if I just don’t know my schedule? Is there hope for me?

Of course! We do accept walk-in auditions if you find that you’ve forgotten to sign up or just can’t, feel free to drop by the audition room sometime between the scheduled time span, and let us know you’re there as a walk-in. Please be aware that we do give priority to scheduled auditions, so if you do decide to go this route, be prepared to wait until a spot opens up.


Is experience necessary?
As with everything, experience is helpful. BUT, the difference here is that it’s not necessary. We don’t care if you have 8 years of formal training or 8 years of singing in the shower. Some of our members couldn’t read music when they auditioned, but it didn’t stop them, and it shouldn’t stop you. There are people who sound awesome because they have a natural, untrained quality and talent. Who knows? You could absolutely be that person!


Is there any special preparation or items I need to bring to auditions with me?
Aside from water, there’s nothing else we recommend or require you to bring. Of course, bring a great attitude and personality, and it wouldn’t hurt if you dressed to impress, but other than that just get ready to have fun!


Can I bring a tape/CD or pianist to accompany my solo?
Due to the unaccompanied nature of a cappella, we require that you also do your audition a cappella. This means that we will not allow you to use anything to accompany you as you sing. If you are concerned about a starting pitch, don’t worry! We are glad to give you any pitch you ask for before you start. We’ll have a piano there for just that purpose.


Can my friends sit in on my audition for moral support?
Unfortunately, the only people allowed in the audition room are you and a panel of VoiceLine. Anybody else will become a distraction and may cause us to inaccurately hear you.


What song should I sing?
Whatever you want! We like to see what our auditionees come up with to show their stage presence and personality. It can be anything from a commercial ditty to the latest song by Taylor Swift. Just make sure that the song showcases your strengths and fits your personality. There are, however, song types that we discourage you from using: Musical theater and Opera, because while they may showcase your range, it makes it hard for us to know if you’ll blend well with us, or if you can pull off a pop/rock song. Another song type we discourage you from using is rap. While many of us in the group are fans of hip hop and rap, these genres just don’t lend themselves to hearing tone quality very well, and once again makes it hard for us to know exactly what you can do.


What are callbacks? What’s that about?
The callback audition is the second stage of auditions and is by invitation only. It includes people that are chosen by their performance in their initial auditions. The callback itself is run like a mock rehearsal, except it is a place for us to get to know you even better than before! We’re trying to see how you do in a group setting, so we’ll sing songs for you, then teach them to you and have you perform with a mixture of other auditionees and group members. You’ll probably be asked to do the solo at least once, and if you are a vocal percussionist, you’ll be asked to do that as well. At approximately 4 hours long, it’s a lengthy process compared to your initial audition. However, if you are invited to callbacks, be aware that it is pertinent that you attend the entirety of the callback to be considered for the group. Callbacks are usually held the same Saturday of auditions, from 10am-2pm. It’s best if you reserve this time, just in case we call you back.


When will I find out if I’ve made it to the interviews & callbacks?
Watch your email inbox starting the day after the close of auditions, which is the 8th of May. After all the initial auditions, we have to sit down and decide who to invite to interviews and then who to callback, so it may be late that night. No matter what, we will send out an email letting you know if we need you for callbacks or not, and this email will be sent out sometime before 2pm the day before callbacks. Continue checking your inbox until you receive that email, because interviews will be scheduled with each interviewee between Monday the 11th and Friday the 15th.

I'm not a student at UVU! I'm not a student anywhere! Can I still audition?

Absolutely! One of the greatest things about being a club at UVU is that only 75% of our members are required to be currently enrolled students at UVU! Keep in mind, with a group of 9 guys, that means that only 2 people are allowed into the group that aren't currently enrolled students at UVU. 


Am I allowed to be involved in other activities like choir or theater or other groups?
You can definitely be involved in other activities and groups! However, while there is no formal policy restricting you from participating in other activities, the time commitments involved with VoiceLine alone may prohibit you from successfully participating in much more.


I am scheduled to work during callbacks! I have some other major conflict! What do I do?
We understand that you have a busy schedule, so let us know if you have some conflict with callbacks. If you have a work conflict or a job interview etc., that will make you late for callbacks, let us know. Just understand that if you come late, you’ll still need to be able to catch up to whatever everyone else has already learned, and we will not be able to spend much time with you alone catching you up. Also be aware that if you show up late without a reasonable explanation, it may hurt your chances of getting into the group. Once again, callbacks are pertinent if you want to be considered for a spot in the group, so definitely contact us if you are going to try to work through a schedule conflict.


How many people are you taking? Are my chances good?
There is no way to determine beforehand how many people we are taking. What we can tell you is that we are looking for people for every part. We try to limit our number to 9, however we've had more and less before. If we find someone spectacular, we’ll take that person, no matter how many other people we are taking. If you’re still looking for a number, the best we can do is tell you that we may take anywhere from 2-7 people. While that may sound very small compared to the number of people that may be auditioning, you have to realize that compared to the size of the group, that’s quite a large chunk, so we most likely won't take in more than that. And just remember, we all went through the audition process too, and while we were nervous at first, we quickly found that this process was just about getting to know us as who we were as singers and vocalizers.


If I make it into the group, what is the time commitment I should expect to devote to VoiceLine?

On average, VoiceLine members spend anywhere between 10-30 hours/week doing something involving VoiceLine. From rehearsals and at-home practicing, to music video productions and live performances. We like to think of ourselves as a mix between a collegiate group and a professional group. We call it "prollegiate." Bottom-line, it's a very large time commitment but just ask any of our members and they'll tell you that the experience is totally worth it!



Thanks so much for your interest! We look forward to seeing your videos!